The Paston Treasure

Spike Bucklow, Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge

The talk will centre upon a large still life of around 1664 that depicts items from a cabinet of curiosities. The painter is unknown, but probably Dutch, and the painting was almost certainly executed over a three month period in Oxnead, Norfolk, under the close supervision of Sir Robert Paston. At the time of painting, Sir Robert was a Fellow of the Royal Society, was in correspondence with Thomas Henshaw, another FRS, and was close friends with Dr Thomas Browne. The talk will consider the painting as a meeting between the worlds of art and science, theory and practice, Norwich and London.

The Paston Treasure, anon., Norwich Castle Museum, Chris Titmus, © Hamilton Kerr Insititute
‘The Paston Treasure’, Chris Titmus, HKI (detail), with kind permission of Norfolk Museums Service. © Hamilton Kerr Institute